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Funny Evolutions of 10 Famous Logos

Behind a successful brand identity, there is a creative concept that gives way to the development of a reputable logo design. All the famous logos have an interesting history attached to their evolution. For instance, the origins of Starbucks logo are rooted in the Greek Mythology, where the image of a mixoparthenos (mermaid or Siren) has been used.

Similarly, another interesting story entails the Nike logo. It was designed by a College Student, Carolyn Davidson, at a rate of $2 per hour. The cost of the famous logo was a mere $35. But these are all factual stories surrounding famous logos. Today, I thought of creating my own twist to the stories behind the origins of well-known brand logos. Just for fun, I visualized some funny ideas that could have been behind the creation of some renowned logos.

Let me clarify my readers that this post is not intended at distorting the real origins of famous logos. Rather, it is just a food for thought that I have presented for entertainment and amusement purpose. Have a look at these 10 funny and crazy logo evolutions. Hope you enjoy them.

1. Google + Cat’s Paw = Goojje

Riddle: What happens when a cat crosses the Google logo? You get a Goojje logo.


2. Nike + Hammer = Li-Ning

Take the Nike Logo, pound it with a hammer and you will obtain a Li-Ning logo.


3. Pokemon + UNO = Google Chrome

Google Chrome logo…inspired by Pokemon ball and UNO card game.


4. Quark + Tennis Ball = Sony Ericsson

Mix the Quark logo with a tennis ball and you get Sony Ericsson logo.


5. Sonic + Shaver = Drupal

Sonic the Hedgehoge went to the barber shop and guess what…he turned into a Drupal logo.


6. Infiniti + 180° = Videocon

Take the Infiniti logo and rotate it 180˚…what do you see? The Videocon logo!


7. The Common Guild + Color Bucket = 2014 Commonwealth Games

Splash a bucket of colorful paint on The Common Guild logo and you will end up with a 2014 Commonwealth Games logo.


8. Batman + Microwave = Bacardi

Cook the Batman logo in a Microwave at 360˚ and Voila! Your Bacardi logo is served.


9. Dove + Blue Paint = twitter

Dip the Dove logo bird in blue paint and a Twitter logo birdie will evolve.


10. Pepsi + Confused Emoticon = Korean Airlines

Combine the Pepsi logo with the ‘Confused’ Emoticon and the Korean Airlines logo is created.

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